Pricing Continued

1. Cancellations: The Cancellation Fee for sits cancelled within the last 24 hours before the start of a scheduled sit. 100% of this fee is passed on to the sitter to compensate for lost hours. We do not issue refunds for the placement fees should you choose to cancel your sit once a sitter has been assigned.  However, we will refund your placement fee if we are unable to find you a sitter or if you need to cancel your request before one has been found.

2. Babysitting (care giver) rates are paid directly to the sitter: (3-hour minimum for families, 2-hour minimum for non-profit groups). All of our sitters accept cash and check payments and most accept digital payments through Venmo, Zelle, Etc.

3. Holidays: Care providers are to receive $1 more per hour (holiday pay rate) for all 2019 holidays listed below:

Memorial Day (May 25th - 27th). Independence Day (July 4th). Labor Day (September 1st -2nd). Rosh Hashanah (September 29th - October 1st). Yom Kippur (October 9th). Halloween (October 26th). Thanksgiving (November 28th - December 1st).

4. Overnight Rates: Sitters should be paid the hourly rate for the time children are awake plus $50 for sleeping time. For example if care is needed from 12pm to 12pm the next day for 2 children and they sleep from 8 to 6 the sitter would need to be paid $218 for the overnight.

*Note - if children are in school during the overnight stay and the sitter is responsible to be available to pick them up in case of illness/school closure, sitter should be paid for those hours, as well.

5. Transportation Fees:   Transportation fees only refer to any time a sitter is actively transporting your children from point A to point B.  

Families will be contacted by 6pm if no sitter is available for the next day's sit.

Pet Sitter Rates:

· An overnight pet sit means the sitter will stay with your pets for at least 10 hours, 12 at the most (e.g. 7pm-7am). If you'd like them to pop in throughout the day as well, you may want to negotiate with your sitter and find a payment level you're both comfortable with. Although base rates are provided, every situation is different, and the needs of pets vary between families. Therefore, you can negotiate payment with your pet sitter as long as the minimum payment guideline is adhered to. 

· Transportation fees: This only refers to any time a sitter is actively transporting your pets from point A to point B (at your request).

Tutoring Rate Recommendations:

· Half hour minimum visit is required

· $20/hour (K-8)

· $25/hour (grades 9-12)

· $40/hour College Prep (SAT/ACT, resume, essay help, etc.)

*Many of our tutors are professional teachers and specialists and may request a higher rate based on their expertise or specific help requested. Please contact us for a more detailed tutoring estimate.